welkom Goldsmith Masters studenten

We are thrilled to welcome three new interns to Arcade! All three are studying for a Masters in VR/AR at Goldsmiths, University of London and all bring a wealth of exciting talent.

L-R: Arcade interns Jagoda Wrobel, Markus Sauerbeck, Shahd Sherief

Jagoda Wrobel

Jagoda Wrobel, whose name apparently means blueberry or strawberry (depending whether you’re in Poland or the Czech Republic!), has a background in branding but wanted to get out of her creative comfort zone and explore how new immersive technologies can be used to engage with consumers on a new level. During her time at Goldsmiths she began to see how much VR and AR have to offer, and is hoping to expand her horizons and discover even more about these amazing technologies while she is with us.

Say hi at jagoda@arcade.ltd or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Shahd Sherief

Shahd Sherief graduated in computer engineering, and was employed in a very technical R&D job, but told us she felt very creatively trapped. “I reached a point where I felt like my creativity and love for music, artistic expression was completely suppressed,” she said. “And that’s when studying V/AR in the middle of a global pandemic comes in! It has been a breath of fresh air to create pieces that still allow me to make use of my technical skill set, but to also express myself artistically. Working at Arcade, and being exposed to the extremely creatively exciting projects underway has so far been lovely. I hope for nothing more than to contribute to their development!”

Say hi at shahd@arcade.ltd or connect on LinkedIn.

Markus Sauerbeck

Last but by no means least, Markus Sauerbeck studied Design in Germany, focusing on Virtual Reality and UI/UX. During his studies he spent six months working and living in Singapore before coming to London to begin his Masters at Goldsmiths. He tells us he is ‘kind of obsessed’ with explored London on his bike and finding great spots to look out over the city!

Say hi at markus@arcade.ltd or connect on LinkedIn.

Jagoda and Shahd started their internship in mid-April whilst Markus joins us at the beginning of May, and all three will be with us throughout the summer. We cannot wait to see what they can do, and hope to be showing off their incredible work very soon.

Thanks Remon!

Remon Miah

Remon Miah was introduced to the Camden Alive project after being interviewed by the street artist Mohammed Ali for his work ‘A Few Pounds In My Pocket’, the mural that became the first live AR experience in the Camden People’s Museum. Mohammed asked Remon to be his intern for the duration of the project, and was impressed by the young man’s enthusiasm and drive. When it was suggested that Remon join Arcade for a placement, we jumped at the chance!

As he is coming to end of his time with us, we asked Remon to tell us a bit about himself, his experience at Arcade and his plans for the future.

“I am currently studying Business Level 3 and I am interested in furthering my career within the finance sector. I’ve always had a keen interest within the technology world but never took any actions to learn more about it, so when the opportunity came to join Arcade for work experience I took it as my gateway to the technology world.

I first heard about Arcade during my internship with Bloomsbury festival as they developed an app for the festival. I was amazed about how everything worked in the Camden People’s Museum app and how the AR came to life. Since then I looked at some of the other work that Arcade has done and everything I saw was unbelievable, working with companies such as The Roald Dahl Museum and Sea Life. 

On my first day Alex asked me what I wanted to do, which allowed me to do what I felt was beneficial and explore what would help me gain and develop useful skills. When he introduced me to coding I was really excited to learn more about it. During my time here I learnt the basics of coding with particular help from Arcade developer James Harvey; I never thought of myself being able to do even simple coding especially since I have no background in computer science but it goes to show that anything is possible when you have great people surrounding you.

Sitting beside Alex taught me a lot about what he does and what everyone else does within the company and it’s astonishing to see how everyone’s role brings everything together. He taught me how to apply my knowledge of the business world to the world of AR and technology. As well as coding, I was also asked to help the team prepare for a number of client meetings, by doing some research into the retail and skincare industries.

Throughout my time here I have learnt to be more confident in where I can apply my skills and knowledge, leant more about the augmented reality world and how AR is developed and also I have enjoyed my time to the fullest. It will be an experience I will never forget. 

My plans for the future are to study finance and and learn more about AR as well as VR, this work experience has helped me focus my goals and helped me decide about what I want to do in the future.

Thank you to the whole of the Arcade team and best of luck with everything.”

Arcade is offering two further work experience placements via Camden Alive. If you are a Camden resident, aged 18 or over, with an interest in digital technologies, please contact suzie.plumb@camden.gov.uk for details.

For references for Remon please send an email to contact@arcade.ltd.

That’s a wrap

2019 Interns

This summer, no fewer than four University of Kent students have spent time in the Arcade office. The university’s pioneering Employability Points scheme challenges students to earn ‘points’ through co-curricular activities that qualify them to apply for experience opportunities, such as those with Arcade.

University of Kent Employability Points Logo

Supath Shrestha en Joram Antwi each joined us for two week work experience positions, and Emily Williams committed most of her summer – eight weeks – to being the Arcade intern! Most recently, Sean Massey came to the end of his work experience, bringing our summer programme to a close.

He said, “Prior to my time at Arcade I was hesitant about a career in marketing due to my degree not being directly related. However, thanks to my experience here I have become more confident in my abilities, taking on roles in market research and being giving a variety of different responsibilities; including looking into the company’s brand identity and creds deck.

“I feel I have not only developed myself personally but, working alongside Alex, have gained vital knowledge that I will be able to use and adapt to different scenarios in the future. I aim to further develop myself as a marketer and strategist to eventually gain a role within the industry.”

We were blown away by all of their commitment and dedication, each finding ways to contribute hugely to our immersive technology business and, we hope, learning a bit along the way too.

We thank all four of them for all their hard work and wish them all the very best for the future, which looks incredibly bright.

References for all four of the students are available, please send an email to contact@arcade.ltd.

Thanks Joram!

Joram Antwi

Joram Antwi was the latest University of Kent student to join Arcade on work experience this summer, having been studying Computer Science. He had this to say about his experience:

“My time in Arcade was very productive,  I spent my two weeks working on a live project built with AR foundation in Unity. I managed to develop a working prototype by the end of my period, which felt very rewarding to complete with the knowledge and time I had.  Through my journey developing the application and learning on the go, I found it fun to see it slowly come to life as I broke through road blocks of code.  Through my experience I have discovered many areas I need to progress in, to become a better developer. I remain passionate in pursuing a future of developing creative applications that add value to people’s lives and productivity.”

Thanks for your commitment and great work, Joram, and all the very best of luck for the future.

Joram can be contacted on joram.antwi@hotmail.co.uk, or for references please email contact@arcade.ltd.

Welcome, Emily Williams!

Emily Williams

Please join us in welcoming Emily Williams, our second intern from the pioneering Employability Points Scheme at the University of Kent. Emily is with Arcade for eight weeks, and we asked her to tell us a bit more about herself and her aspirations.

I landed the internship with Arcade through my University’s Employability Points scheme, which rewards students for doing extra-curricular activities. I have a real passion for theatre and in my first year at university I directed a play and performed in six others in theatres across Canterbury. I also became social media co-ordinator for the University’s student newspaper. As a result I was eligible to apply for internships, and the opportunity to work for Arcade was too good to miss!

I have worked in a range of creative industries, from digital marketing agencies to publishing companies and film productions. Each job has given me a different insight into content creation. 


When I first applied to Arcade, my only experience with immersive tech was the Derren Brown Ghost Train ride at Thorpe Park. I could hear the screams from down the carriage and I remember thinking, wow, this is the future of entertainment!

It’s fascinating to view storytelling from a digital perspective. I love to break the fourth wall in theatre and I think it’s so interesting how AR and VR have the ability to turn an audience into active participants. 

I began writing stories and reading them aloud in class when I was 10. That passion grew and grew until I decided to pursue English Literature and Creative Writing at University. 

As a writer, it’s exciting to see how technology allows big ideas to be manufactured and brought to life. There’s certainly no limit to the imagination in AR. 

At Arcade, I am being given the opportunity to get involved in upcoming projects by brainstorming new ideas, attending meetings with clients and learning about UX/UI design. 

In the coming weeks, I plan to write and edit articles for the Arcade website, and I also want to expand awareness of Arcade’s brand through marketing and social media.

I’m excited to see how AR and VR technology will progress in the future, it has great potential to enhance how we experience the world. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such talented mentors at Arcade. I learn something new and inspiring everyday!

Many thanks Emily, we hope you enjoy your time with us!