Our strategic approach to augmented reality comes from our combination of digital and architectural expertise.

For every organisation – but places in particular – a strategy for immersive technology is becoming a critical component of the wider digital programme, yet many do not currently have one. To ensure immersive initiatives are fully aligned with business goals, we always advocate a strategic foundation for every project we undertake:


    It begins with an audit of your business, brand and digital strategies, along with any relevant previous work in this space - identifying the critical challenges you are seeking to address across key time horizons. With these challenges clearly defined, we establish a strategic lens through which to navigate the landscape of immersive technology and evaluate the myriad opportunities it offers.


    On the basis of this strategic evaluation, we define whether - and if so, how - immersive technology can play a role in achieving the overall objectives of the business. This analysis is codified within an immersive strategy document, which is supported by a series of potential initiatives, expressed as outline briefs.


    We run a working session with key stakeholders to present key findings and recommendations, and collaboratively explore opportunities to take forward. We review and refine the outline briefs, and use a series of creative and commercial exercises to identify those with the greatest potential. In addition to establishing your immersive strategy, these sessions are a powerful way of educating internal stakeholders about the immersive space and generating excitement across the organisation.

Following the working session, you retain the strategy document and refined briefs. If required, we will run a follow-up Prototyping Workshop, with the aim of rapidly developing one or more pilot projects to validate the value and impact of the immersive strategy.

Our Technology

We use an adaptable and future-proof mix of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies.

  • "Arcade were great at pushing the possibilities of AR technology whilst ensuring the human needs of our visitors were prioritised."

    Rita Marcal Global Senior Brand Manager, SEA LIFE
  • "Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places."

    Roald Dahl
  • “I believe that AR is the most profound technology of the future.”

    Tim Cook CEO, Apple
  • "You’ll never stumble upon the unexpected if you stick only to the familiar."

    Ed Catmull Co-founder, PIXAR