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Connecting people to places through play

Welcome to Arcade

Arcade is an immersive technology company that specialises in location-based augmented reality. We create meaningful connections between people and places for cultural and heritage sites, visitor attractions, B2C and B2B brands, retail, events & experiential, non-profits and academic institutions.

About Us

Arcade was founded on a vision of reconnecting people and places through play, a philosophy we bring to all of our work.

We are an honest and hardworking bunch of architects, designers, digital pioneers, thought leaders, creative developers and more, united by a passion to invent and explore, with a deep desire to make a lasting positive impact on the world around us.

We create immersive experiences designed to guide, challenge, involve and most of all entertain, with the power to turn people from disengaged bystanders into active participants.

Our Clients

Our strategic approach to AR means everything we do is always carefully constructed to meet specific organisational objectives, delivering measurable value.

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